Please pray for the members of the Extended National Team who are meeting on Zoom today.

Natalia Marsden sent the agenda and Zoom link to those planning to attend the meeting and wrote:

The meeting is planned to run between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, with a lunch break and two tea breaks. There will be time for prayer, reflection and discussions in small groups. All are welcome, and do not feel any pressure to attend for the whole day if this is not possible. We will aim to open the Zoom at 09:45 a hello and a cuppa beforehand. (Actually, the Zoom is open as soon as the first person arrives… 😊)

If you have any apologies or any suggestions for the agenda please do let me know. I have tried to balance prayer with ‘business’ but it’s not the easiest task!

Fancy joining the meeting?

Please contact Natalia Marsden