INDEX of publications on this website in alphabetical order showing the section in which they appear.


TITLES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER                                                                                                SECTION (website)

GR-AAG                 ACCOMPANIERS & GUIDES                                                                                For Groups

MP-CFC                  CARING FOR CREATION                                                                                      Meeting Plans

WL-CFM                CHALLENGES FOR THE CLC MISSION                                                          Our CLC way of life

ME-COC                 CHARISM OF CLC A4                                                                                             For more experienced groups

AC-CIW                 CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD                                                                             About CLC

GR-CGG                 CLC AND THE GROUP GUIDE                                                                            For Groups

EN-TCM                 CLC MEETING                                                                                                           Enquirers and newcomers

AC-TCC                  CLC CONSTITUTION                                                                                                About CLC

OT- CJC                 CLC-JESUIT COLLABORATION                                                                          Other titles

GR-COM                COMMUNITY, A Reflection                                                                                  For Groups

GR-CDR                 CLARIFYING DIFFERENT ROLES                                                                       For Groups

IG-CSD                   CURRENT STATUS OF DISCERNMENT                                                             Ignatian materials

ME-UGP                DEEPENING OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE GPs                                   For more experienced groups

ME-DWG              DISCOVERING THE WAY GOD IS LEADING                                               For more experienced groups

MP-DSSE              DSSE Praying and Living the process                                                                            Meeting Plans

GR-EVA                 EVALUATION MEETING                                                                                      For Groups

DC-EXE                 EXERCISE DAYS A4                                                                                                 Developing CLC

IG-FGA                  Focus on Finding God in all  Things                                                                     Ignatian materials

EN-NEW                FOR NEW CLC GROUPS                                                                                       Enquirers and newcomers

MP-FTF                 FREE TO FLY                                                                                                              Meeting plans

MP-FOS                 FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT                                                                                           Meeting Plans

ME-FGP                 FULL GENERAL PRINCIPLES, WORLD CLC                                                For more experienced groups

AC-GPP                 GENERAL PRINCIPLES, 1-13                                                                               About CLC

AC-GWT                 GOD WORKS LIKE THAT                                                                                    About CLC

MP-GGU                GOD’S GIFT TO US THROUGH ST IGNATIUS                                             Meeting Plans

DC-CGP                  GROUP PACK                                                                                                           Developing CLC

OT-HPP                 Focus on Homeless People and Prisoners                                                        Other titles

EN-HTJ                 HOW TO JOIN                                                                                                           Enquirers and newcomers

DC-RIS                  HOW TO RUN AN INFORMATION SESSION                                                    Developing CLC

EN-INL                 INTRODUCTORY LEAFLET                                                                                  Enquirers and newcomers

IG-JSI                   JOURNEY OF ST IGNATIUS & CLC CHARISM                                              Ignatian materials

EN-LIS                  LISTENING                                                                                                                 Enquirers and newcomers

WL-LTG                Focus on Listening to God                                                                                        Our CLC way of life

MP1-6                    MEETING PLANS FOR NEW COMMUNITIES                                               Enquirers / For Groups

GR-NOG              The naming of groups                                                                                               For Groups

DC-NTS                NURTURING THE SEED  A4                                                                                 Developing CLC

WL-OCM               OUR COMMON MISSION                                                                                      Our CLC way of life

WL-POM               PEOPLE OF THE MAGIS                                                                                        Our CLC way of life

EN-POS                 POSTER                                                                                                                         Enquirers and newcomers

OT-PLC                  PROPHETIC LAY COMMUNITY                                                                          Other Titles

WL-PRA                 Focus on Prayer                                                                                                           Our CLC way of life

GR-PCM                 Prayer card for meetings                                                                                            For Groups

MP-PTW                PRAYING THE WORD MP                                                                                     Meeting Plans

RE-PRT                 PRINTING GUIDELINES                                                                                         Resources

RE-PUB                 PUBLICATIONS LIST AND ORDER FORM                                                      Resources

GR-RTW                REFLECTING ON THE WAY GOD IS LEADING US                                      For Groups

IG-RLE                  REFLECTIVE LIVING (THE EXAMEN)                                                              Ignatian materials

IG-RDL                  RETREAT IN DAILY LIFE   A4                                                                               Ignatian materials

WL-ROD                REVIEW OF THE DAY                                                                                             Our CLC way of life

GR-SGB                   Saying goodbye when someone leaves                                                                 For Groups

GR- SMM               Sharing on our mission at meetings                                                                      For Groups

IG-SPE                   SPIRITUAL EXERCISES OF ST IGNATIUS                                                      Ignatian materials

GR-WNM               Welcoming a new member into a group                                                           For Groups