The final document from the Amiens World Assembly has now been published together with Projects 180 from our new World President, Chris Micallef (centre in the photo above). Chris invites us to read and pray with the final document and to respond online.

In Projects 180, Chris reflects on the Assembly, introduces the new World ExCo (photo above) and presents the Amiens final document, Discerning paths for hope as one community. He asks:

Take this document and read it a few times, pray over it, let the Spirit touch you through it and share and deepen the experience in your local groups, your national community and within your regional teams. I invite you to make the document your own. Please, do not leave it in your e-mail and file it simply as a well written document.

When you have done that, please reflect on the following questions:

1: Having read and prayed with the final document of the Assembly in Amiens, what is the most prevalent feeling left inside you?

2: To what do you feel called?

Chris then invites us to experiment with a one community online sharing. He writes: ‘Let us do a first round of sharing (online). Please log on to this Padlet: Projects180-Sharing, find your preferred language and give us your brief sharing. (This is an individual sharing, all of you!)