Today saw 14 CLC members descend on St Beuno’s for an eight-day retreat and a five-day retreat. We met first at 3.00 pm with our three CLC directors: Alan Harrison sj, our National Chaplain, Winnie Morley RC (ie, a Cenacle Sister) who is guide to The Well CLC in Liverpool, and Jenny Bond, a member of the Swinton CLC. We introduced ourselves, saying where we came from and sharing how we felt about the retreat and what we were hoping for. It was particularly moving when people spoke about the importance of CLC in their lives. Then Alan spoke to some very beautiful slides, explaining a bit about Ignatian spirituality and especially about consolation and desolation.

After supper we gathered again, this time joined by Dierdre Rowe, the fourth director of our retreats. This was the ‘normal’ St Beuno’s introductory session, with some practical house notices and a brief input about entering into the retreat before we split up into direction groups, retreatants meeting with the director who would be accompanying them during the retreat.

The five day retreat will finish on Tuesday with a reflection meeting in the morning before people depart for home. The three day retreat comes in that day and will have similar opening meetings. The eight day retreat ends on Friday 22 September, again with a reflection meeting before going home, and the three day retreat does the same the following day.

These subsidised retreats for CLC members take place again next year so if you haven’t yet done a silent individually guided retreat, watch this space!