My teapot is becoming even more famous and featured in a circular email to CLC in England and Wales! This morning at breakfast someone asked for a photo as she had been seeing it every day and yesterday a friend of mine messaged: ‘I am holding you solely and personally responsible for the fact that “I’m a little teapot, short and stout” keeps coming into my head…. ‘ And now it is in my head too!

We started today, as usual, with morning prayer which had more silence in it than usual and I was grateful for that. We were back in the auditorium despite the lovely sunshine outside and were sitting in yesterday’s groups of eight. Flávio explained that we would work in those groups today and also in plenary. We were still in the crystallising stage, but shifting towards the question ‘How shall we act on this calling?’ He noted that we were tired but said it was important that we remained present and went deeper to find the deepest treasure of CLC.

We then spent some time looking at the collation of yesterday’s post-its. The translators had worked very late into the night to provide these. We were given a little time, not enough, to read though them and were told we’d go back to them later. To be honest, I can’t really remember this morning’s process properly but I think there were some contributions from the floor before the facilitators suggested that we needed to note our discontent.

Flávio then explained that there was a difference between toxic discontent and sacred discontent and invited us first to share in pairs, within our group of eight, and then to share in the full eight. I was particularly struck by one of my group who said that our post-its were like a supermarket, full of everything, and we needed to discern.

I think we may have gone to coffee then and after coffee went back to plenary with contributions from the floor. I confess that I found this way of working very difficult indeed. I found myself becoming more and more sleepy and am not sure I really followed what was happening.

Sarah, lovely Sarah, ended the session with some quiet body prayer (not scary at all, if your imagination is running wild) and then we went to lunch. I’m going to post this now because we are going to visit the Cathedral’s light show this evening, so I’ve no idea when next I shall be able to post. Michelle has gone to a session on safeguarding so has lost her after-lunch break.