Yesterday’s travels went very smoothly and I arrived in London in good time to check into my room at Mount Street, have lunch with one Jesuit friend and tea with another. There was even time to read a bit and go to the 6 pm Mass before Michelle arrived, earlier than expected..

‘Our Italian restaurant was great, though rather more expensive than we’d expected, but that’s London for you. I’m not going to post a picture of us raising our glasses to you all as I had my ‘please don’t take a photo of me’ look and I’m not putting that on the internet! We’d intended to take a photo of ourselves in the church at Mass this morning, but neither of us had brought our phones so I’ve used one I found online.


We’re just off to St Pancras International now, a bit early, but we need to check out by 10 am. Keep us in your prayer please. You may find it helpful to pray with the lovely (not too long!) video produced by the planning team. The folded prayer card is here. And the first Amiens newsletter has been published.