Saturday morning at the National Assembly offered us inputs on CLC’s four frontiers of mission.

1: Ecology

Brian Austin was unable to be with us but offered a short (7 mins 38 seconds) inspirational video on his ecological journey. He stressed that caring for our neighbour includes caring for our common home, the earth, and told how he and Janice managed to downsize from a three bedroom house to a retirement flat without throwing away more than one bin bag of stuff.

2: Globalisation and poverty

Kathryn Lyden (right) spoke about nuclear weapons and ecology and her involvement in Pax Christi. Jenny Armstrong spoke about her mission to Fair Trade and Tony O’Neill presented a moving and inspirational account of how the churches in his locality were offering practical help (foodbanks, job clubs etc) to those in need.

3: Family

Lilibet McFetrich and Michelle Ellison offered a fascinating presentation on the Family Clock – a course which helps to deepen family life. Their text and presentation will be available in due course.

4: Youth

Olivia Lavery and Natalia Marsden, pictured above, shared on their experience of CLC youth events at European and world levels and helped us understand some of the challenges which young people face today. Again, their presentation will be available as soon as we receive it. Later in the day they also interviewed Bishop Ralph about his responsibilities for youth in the Bishops’ Conference. He stressed the need to give young people opportunities, to accompany them as they discern, and to empower them on their way forward.

Creative hope

After lunch, Michelle Ellison, one of our delegates to the World Assembly next month,  spoke very personally and movingly about creative hope, pausing to enable us to reflect on questions in her presentation.

Personal prayer and sharing

The day included two periods of personal prayer, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, enabling us to reflect on our own mission and afterwards sharing in small listening groups. The second prayer session included an invitation to draw or write our reflections which were then taken up at the offertory procession of the Mass which ended our afternoon.

The day ended with an evening social.