To our great delight all residential places at the National Assembly have now been booked.

If you still want to come, don’t despair. Non-residential places, full or part-time, are still available though you’ll need to find and fund your own accommodation. It may be, too, that a cancellation will release a bed. If you want to go on the waiting list, please complete the booking form and send it to Debbie Cottam but do not send any money unless and until we offer you a place.

One possibility would be to book as a non-resident, find accommodation which you can cancel without incurring costs and add yourself to the waiting list. If you would like to discuss your options, do contact Ann Kelly.

If you’ve booked and need to cancel, please tell Debbie Cottam as soon as possible so that your place can be offered to someone on the waiting list.

To remind you, the Assembly is open to all CLC members and anyone interested in CLC and Ignatian spirituality.

Our Assembly is part of CLC England and Wales’ preparation for the World Assembly in France in August 2023. We will be commissioning our delegates for that Assembly and supporting them with our prayers.