The National Team met 22/23 April in the newly renovated Manresa House in Birmingham where building works are almost complete. On Sunday morning Simon Bishop sj celebrated Mass for us in the chapel, recently blessed by the Jesuit Father General, Arthur Sosa, during his recent visit to the British province of the Society of Jesus.

On Saturday morning we dealt with routine business before spending most of our time on key concerns.

We were joined by Jenny Bond, one of the delegates for the forthcoming World Assembly at Amiens in France. Alan Harrison sj, our National Chaplain, also a member of our delegation was with us though Michelle Ellison, our 3rd delegate, could not make the meeting. We reviewed progress to date and made plans for a series of regional meetings this autumn to share the fruits of the Assembly. (See the events page for details.)

Our other concerns included support for new groups including people to accompany them, the need for more regional chaplains, encouraging members to come forward to take on roles including that of President and Webmaster, and planning for future National Assemblies.

We also heard about the progress of work on updating our Constitution and discussed membership and commitment.

In addition to those mentioned above, the other National Team members present were regional reps Tony and Judith O’Neill (North West), Anne Kelly (Midlands) and John Lavery (South East & London). Our Treasurer, Julia Lane, Secretary, Natalia Marsden, were also present as well as myself, Jackie Gill (Formation Retreat Team).

Jackie Gill
26 April 2023