CLC members throughout the world gathered to celebrate World CLC day, 25 March 2023. We gathered in person and online, all celebrating our CLC call and sharing in prayer hosted by the Asia Pacific region on YouTube.

In the North West of England we gathered on Zoom. In the weeks before our day we prayed in our local groups with prayer material and scripture produced especially for the event. Swinton CLC built on that, beginning the day with a brief look at the material which World CLC offered for today and which reminds us that Mary is for Christian Life Community – CLC throughout the world – a model of our collaboration with the mission of Christ. But in preparation for our meeting, Swinton CLC also looked at the material which World CLC sent to prepare us for the World Assembly this coming August and were rather more excited by that!

Read the report of the NW event written by The Well CLC for Focus

That material invites us to be amazed at God’s love, at the wonder of God’s creation, at the hope and resilience of the human spirit in the midst of all kinds of upheaval, to be amazed at the riches of our Ignatian charism and the fruits of our CLC way of life. We are also invited to hear the cries around us, the cry of the poor, of our planet, of families, of young people and of all those who seek God. Then we can imagine possibilities – the ways in which we can respond to those cries. And, finally, we are encouraged to be witnesses of Christ.

We looked at Mary the mother of Jesus through these lenses, discovering a real and fiesty woman who challenges angels, checks out the signs which God gives her and never wavers in her love for God. We shared our reflections in listening groups – doesn’t Zoom make that easy?! – and ended our day with the usual CLC evaluation questions.

In the middle we joined CLC members throughout the world, all of us praying with the YouTube video. If you missed it then, pray with it now, even though you won’t be able to see all the wonderful messages which came in from all over the globe while the video was live. It ends with a wonderful song written for the occasion – you can download it here.

The day was received very positively with The Well CLC saying: ‘It was a lovely and enriching experience both through the reflection and sharing as a regional community, and also through the realisation that we are truly a world community.’

View the slides and read the input.