In this section: MEETING PLANS FOR NEW COMMUNITIES- see note below, Praying the Word, Fruit of the Spirit, Caring for Creation, Free to Fly, Nurturing the Seed, Exercise Days MEETING PLANS FOR NEW COMMUNITIES – restricted access Please note that this particular set, that constitutes our formation programme, is...


In this section: These leaflets are intended to help existing groups to initiate new CLC groups in their area or region, namely: How to run an information session CLC Group Pack: empowering groups to spread CLC Nurturing the seed: a series of meetings for pre-CLC groups Exercise Days: helpful...


Find below: Running an Information Session, Descovering the way God is leading our community, Full General Principles of World CLC, Deepening our Understanding of the General Principles, World CLC Deepeninig our Understanding of the GPs, The CLC Charism RETURN TO RESOURCES

DISCOVERING THE WAY ….. – read and/or order ME-DWG

Order Code ME-DWG > “Discovering the Way God is leading our Community”  will be most useful for a more mature group, that is one that has probably been in existence for a minimum of 5 years and has been meeting regularly. The group would have been through most of...

The Charism of CLC – Restricted Availability

Please note this is a large document of some 90 pages. Intended for National Team members and Group Guides / Regional Chaplains, etc. It is the definitive document from World CLC concerning: – Guidelines for CLC Formation, and – The Process of Growth in CLC


In this section: People of the Magis, God’s Gift to us through St Ignatius, Spiritual Exercies of St Ignatius, Journey of St Ignatius & Charism of CLC, A CLC Retreat in Daily Life, Reflective Living, Current Status of Discernment  

A CLC Retreat in Daily Life – IG-RDL restricted access

Restricted acces. ONLY AVAILABLE TO CLC GROUPS ACCOMPANIED BY A SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR A series of meeting plans for CLC groups to experience the full Spiritual Exercises (19th Annotation) under the direction of a Group Guide. For further details from your Regional Representative or Regional / National Chaplain. email

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