We have something like fifty (40+) leaflets, booklets and sets of meeting plans available to help our members in their way of life in the Christian Life Community (England and Wales). Most of these are on this website grouped together in the following sections. There is an INDEX on the last RESOURCES page of the website with the titles in alphabetical order.

  • Enquirers and Newcomers
  • About CLC
  • For Groups
  • Meeting Plans
  • Our CLC Way of Life
  • Developing CLC
  • For more experienced groups
  • Ignatian materials
  • Other titles
  • Alphabetical Index

The content of these publications can be VIEWED or READ online; some are DOWNLOADABLE.

If not downloadable, nearly all our publications are available for all to order FOR FREE, whether you are a CLC member or not, either as digital .pdf files or as single paper copies including free delivery. You order them with the form – ‘HOW TO ORDER RESOURCES’ –  either as a pdf document sent to you by email, or as a printed document sent to you by post. Please include your email address or postal address as appropriate.

The only exception to this is our main formation programme: ‘MEETING PLANS FOR NEW COMMUNITIES’, which are only available to those who are genuinely starting a new Christian Life Community group, for example in a parish or as a virtual (zoom) CLC. You can express your interest in forming such a group using the same form as for orders, or contact the appropriate regional rep .