Daniela Ochoa Peralta is from the Netherlands. She was on the World ExCo until Amiens and was an amazing unofficial translator to us all. She writes:

‘We finished today the discernment weekend of the European CLC youth team. We were hosted by a CLC couple (Jean Benoit and Véronique) in Brussels. We committed ourselves to work collaboratively for the youth of the region and the needs shared by our national communities. We count on your prayers and support for our chosen mission!’

The sharp-eyed among you will spot our own Natalia Marsden, far left in the photo.

This report appeared in the newsfeed of the Amiens World Assembly app, which remains live until next June. Someone asked what the team was and Daniela replied:

‘We are a team that started working in May 2022, all young people were contacted by JB, a member of the EuroTeam in charge of the youth mission. The young people who are part of the group participated in the Embrace the World event, hosted by the CLC joven in Spain and open to the CLC world, in 2021 for the 500th anniversary of the cannonball of Saint Ignatius. Currently the team is made up of two people from Malta (Jeantide and Bernard), one from England and Wales (Natalia), one from Spain (Elena) and myself, as I have been accompanying the team with JB since last year, after being co-opted by the global board. The idea is to generate actions that respond to the region’s youth challenges (notably the lack of young people in several of our national communities). This weekend was an opportunity for discernment of our mission. In due course I will share with you more information on the actions that we hope to begin.’

(Thank you. Google translate!)