A bonus post again. I had breakfast with Aigars from Latvia and spilled some of my milk. As I was disgustedly mopping it up, I commented that I’m not at my best in the morning. ‘You are feeling morningly’, he said, adding that he was in the same boat and pointing to the two forks he had picked up instead of a knife and fork.

I guess that those who upload to the Amiens website are also feeling morningly as I have been looking constantly for the slides of yesterday’s Mass, which was just wonderful, especially the homily of the bishop of Amiens who celebrated Mass for us. I so want to revisit it and tell you about it!

The light show yesterday evening was amazing. Do google for a video though it can’t possibly match the reality which was absolutely spectacular. Lights were accompanied by music and sometimes the cathedral is lit up and sometimes images are projected on it. At the end they show it as it would have been in medieval times, all painted and coloured. It’s absolutely magnificent. The photo here shows the final image.

We had a good giggle as we returned to La Providence. This is a boarding school and the gates normally close automatically at 8.30 pm. They were kept open until 11.30 pm yesterday to let us see the light show. We had been told that this would require employing someone for the extra hours. But they found an easier way. They simply parked a car at the gate to stop it closing!

Right, I’m off to morning prayer now.