We want to be part of CLC England and Wales

This article first appeared in Focus. We have edited the publication date so that it lists with the others about the National Assembly.

After 7 months of our new group in UK, we were grateful to have the chance to attend the National Assembly and get to know fellow CLCers. As CLCers who have recently migrated from Hong Kong to England, we have been looking forward to integrating into the community, not only physically but spiritually as well. For most of us, the National Assembly was our first encounter with fellow CLCers in the country.

I look forward to continuing my Ignatian journey here

“The successful connection with CLCEW has been one of the milestones for me since COVID times a few years ago when I first arrived in this beautiful country. I feel like I already belong to the same community before I get connected. It is frankly a bit of a challenge continuing a community life without an actual community, thanks be to my group back in Hong King with their support during this period on Zoom. I am looking forward to beginning my Ignatian journey here.” Martin Lau, one of the former HK CLCers now in the UK, has been grateful to continue his CLC life now in the UK.

The process is most important

“The small group sharing during the day session has been particularly precious for me to learn more about each other in depth,” said Elizabeth Lam, another former HK CLCer. “Each of us has our own unique ministry in life, no matter how big or small it might sound to be. It is the little way where we can plant our creative hopes in the world. The creative hope, as with the theme for the National Assembly, is an ongoing discernment attitude in our daily life where we are able to be a tiny light when it is dark. As one who was born and grown up in HK, I’m always goals-driven and neglect the journey itself. Sometimes, it is the process that is more important for our growth and well-being, rather than the destination. The discerning attitude plus an open heart is what we need in discovering our ministry and vocation in this forever-changing world.”

Striving for Magis

We may not know what form of light we could be, or what would be our unique ministry, yet we are called to be open to whatever God wishes in each concrete situation of our daily lives (GP5). Through an ongoing discerning attitude and persistence in the grace of God, we are striving for Magis in our own little ways. Thank you to CLC for accepting us in the community, to grow personally and socially in spiritual, human and apostolic ways together (GP8)!

Thomas Choi, Elizabeth Lam, Martin Lau