Marie Heath of the Inigo Zoom CLC (Midlands region) reflects on the wonderful centrepiece she created for the National Assembly.

This article first appeared in the July/August Focus. The publication date has been edited so that it lists with the other news items about the National Assembly.

Dare to dream

I volunteered months ago to put out something simple in a room set aside at The Hayes for our private prayer, a draped cloth, a few twigs and leaves and maybe a Bible. But God heard about my modest and safe offer and had other ideas!

Dare to dream, be bold and yes it will all fit in a suitcase and National Rail will get you there…

So with God I mused and dreamt my response to Hope at the Frontier of Mission, and to the visual focus for our assembly.

The readings for the Sunday were: Is 55:10-1 My Word like seed for the sower. Rom 8:18-23 Creation groans with hope in one continual act of giving birth. Mt 13:1-23 The parable of the Sower. Plenty to dare to dream with here and much to feed my prayer.

The glory of God in the marketplace

So on the Prayer Display the word Hope was formed with each letter wrapped in sparkly thread and having brighter colours as it ascended the display. The cloths also went from dark earth brown to lifegiving greens and blues. There is no single golden cloth at the top. I’m thinking here of the Ignatian Exercises which never really end but return again and again to share the glory of God in the marketplace. There was also behind my ribbon clad wire that ran round the display. Although it went from dark to light there were moments when it disappeared from view to emerge a different colour on the opposite side. I also felt that it held something of the tension of creation struggling to burst forth from its bonds as we proclaim God’s Word in so many ways and apostolic ministries.

The rocks, wheat, candles and pictures of a local wheat field at the time of spring sowing and autumn harvest speak for themselves, but I dreamed of a more compassionate world and added ‘lilies of the field’ and shoots of an olive tree. I tied to get in touch with being inspired by what seeds God might be being sown in my heart and found three packets of seeds that spoke to me. “Burning Hearts”, “Love Lies Bleeding” and “Forget-Me-Not”.

As I stood back and looked at the work of my hands inspired by my dreaming and musing with God I felt there was a symbol missing. Ann Kelly was at the same time looking for a suitable place to put the cross which would be passed to the South East region as they answered the call to arrange next year’s Assembly in Leeds. Of course, Christ had to be at the heart of all we do and dream so the symbol was placed centre front of this Prayer Focus.

I hope you to dreamed at our assembly and were inspired by all those you met. God was truly with us and to Him be all glory.