A website for the Amiens World Assembly has just been published. It contains loads of information for everyone, not just for delegates or for those attending the open day. In particular, scroll down the web page to explore ‘some ideas for thought’ and scroll further down to sign up for the newsletter.

(NB on some pages you can read a pdf document and you’re offered a ‘télécharger’ option. That allows you to download the pdf document which is then much easier to read.)

Prayer for Amiens and video

There’s a lovely little prayer card to print and fold like an airplane boarding pass and an imaginative video too. The World ExCo says: From now on we would like to invite you to join us in prayer for the General Assembly. For this purpose, we have prepared a unique prayer for the Assembly. This prayer is accompanied by a video that can be used in community meetings or on a personal level.

Please do use the prayer and video in your CLC meetings. Our delegates go to Amiens in just over three weeks’ time: Alan Harrison sj, our National Chaplain, Michelle Ellison and Jenny Bond.