Gill Whitney has been appointed by the National Team to represent CLC on the National Council for Lay Associations

She writes:

I have been a member of Swinton CLC (based in Salford, Greater Manchester) for ten years. I attend Regional Assemblies when I can, am the contact person for our group, and have attended one National Assembly. I played a key part in setting up the group in 2003. Our CLC has helped me grow both as a person and spiritually. We provide for each other a safe and sacred space for our sharing, and support each other in various ways outside our meetings. CLC has become a very important part of my life.

I have a calling to young people’s ministries in our parish (St Ambrose Barlow, Swinton) and have just stepped down as catechist for our Sacramental Programme after twenty-two plus years – I felt it was time! I also support our Young Readers. I was pivotal in setting up our Young Readers’ Ministry in about 2012 when my son wanted to start reading and there was no opening for that to happen. So we set it up with the support of our parish priest and we couldn’t have foreseen that over twenty years later it would be still thriving. I love being part of this.

When I made the decision to step down from the Sacramental Programme, the vacancy of CLC representative for the NCLA was brought to my attention. After some consideration, I decided to put myself forward. I hope that with my long service with CLC, I can be a good voice and representative for CLC and learn how lay organisations (the backbone of the Church, I would suggest!) contribute to the life of the Church.